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Gentlemen Club Jobs are best Advertised on our online Job Board. has since 2002 been a Job board for the Striptease industry. Now we have relaunched the whole site with the newest technology and design, so that it can be a better and more effective user experience for both Employing Strip clubs and job searching Strippers and Staff.

The new features are:

  • Easy and quick way to apply directly for Gentlemen Club Jobs, registered job seekers and strippers can quickly attach there profile to apply.
  • All your Gentlemen Club Jobs offers can easily be edited and are saved for later after they have expired.
  • All Gentlemen Club Jobs posts can easily be shared on sosial media.
  • All registered companies can contact Gentlemen Club Job seekers for free in the Resumes section.
  • Its mobile friendly, strippers and staff can easily apply to your job offer from the mobile phone.

To find Dancers and staff is always one of the biggest challenges for a Strip Club owner and there are several ways to do this.

Do your own research before you start to use an agency to provide Strippers for your Gentlemen Club Jobs.

The most easiest and common way is to use an agency for this job, they will have there own lists of dancers and are always on the search for new ones. Do your own research before you start to use an agency to provide Strippers for your Gentlemen Club Jobs.

There are many to Choose from and not all of them are serious. Some are even just doing fraud and are speculating in a desperate Gentlemen Club owner who need Dancers to work in his club urgent. They would have you to pay upfront for the flight tickets. These agents will send you pictures of fake dancers and promise that they will come, but they will not.

Then its the other option and that is to advertise your jobs here at We recommend a combination of this. Doing that gives you the best options to get the Dancers that fits for your club.

Start to advertise your jobs Now

All clubs are different and the fit for different types of dancers. So dont expect that every one coming to your club will like it, but for those who do and that does a good job, you should always work on getting them to do a second booking. This is easier then to go through the whole process of finding new ones.

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