How to find the best Stripper Job


Let the Strip Clubs offer you Jobs for Strippers! Create your Resume and get Stripper job offers directly to your profile. You can also Use your profile and apply directly to Stripper Jobs that are advertised on the page. Its Quick and easy. You can Find a Stripper job from all over the world on


Remember that the more info you put out in your profile together with pictures, will increase the amount off Stripper Jobs offers you will recive.

As a professional Stripper you should always have some good promo pictures of yourself.

It doesn’t have to be nude, do them in your dancers clothes so that the Strip Club owner can see what you would look like in the Club.

Always make sure that you read and understand the working conditions for the club, when you start on a new Stripper Job in a Club you need to give it some time to get into the system of the club.

Dont give up if the money is not coming to you, you need to work for the money non stop and hunt them all the time.

Our best advice to a Stripper before going to a job is:

1. Always prepare yourself as if you where going on a date for the first time.Look like a million dollars and you will make it.

2. Set you goals and targets for how much money you need to make each week and devide it up to each night. Know exactly how many dances and champagnes you need to sell to reach your goals.

3. Never bring personal problems with you to the club, if you are feeling depressed and not happy, customers will feel that to and they dont wanna spend money on you.
I have seen hundreds of Dancers trough the years coming to work like that and they have never made any money, if you can’t disconnect from it, stay home instead

4. Do something that puts you in the right positive state of mind, listen to your favourite music, read your favourite statements or just close your eyes and think about last time you felt extreme happiness and what gave you that feeling, when you got that feeling you need to hold on to it and bring it out to the customers.

5. Read this article with some good advices for your job hunt

Here you can read about what it takes to have a Stripper Job in a European Gentlemen Clubs

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