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A la Charm Strip Club is Looking for Dancers, very good weekly earnings. (1235 views)

22767 Hamburg, Germany
September 7, 2018

A la Charm Strip Club is Looking for Dancers

Luxurious and prestigious location in Hamburg-Reeperbahn offers work in his team. Excellent geographical position provides a steady stream of customers. An exclusive design and interior, along with the correct concept of working help customers return again and again. This allows you to earn 1.500 € – 2.000 € per week. Our apartments are just minutes from club. We provide not only to enjoy the beautiful city of Hamburg, but also to earn money. Your indwelling here will be twice good.

Fix salary: 50€/day
(you will receive all the insurances, also the medical one)

Drinks: 20%

Private Dance: 40%

Apartment cost: FREE