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Stripper jobs in Norway

Stripper jobs in Norway are mainly in classy venues with high prices which reflect the demographic of the country. They run on the 'Champagne system'. The oil and gas industry is the cornerstone of the Norwegian economy, therefore, there are many high earners. Food prices, rental and amenities are very expensive relative to other European countries

Norwegian clients pay high prices in every aspect of life so strip clubs are no different. Dances normally start at around €100 for 10 minutes. Ladies drinks start at around €30.Strip clubs in Norway are known as 'Showbars'. Stripper jobs in Norway in these venues you will find strictly striptease and hostessing. A rotation of girls go nude on stage throughout the night. Tipping the shows is not standard in strip club culture in Norway.Drinking laws are very strict in Norway. Stripper jobs in Norway has a reputation amongst dancers as being one of the top earning jobs in Europe. This earning potential attracts many dancers. The clubs, therefore, have their pick of girls and so standards are normally very high.