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Stripper jobs in Portugal

Stripper jobs in Portugal vary hugely in style and demographic. You can find everything from small low quality venues, to large, beautiful high-class clubs. Portugal, especially in the coastal regions, is a very popular tourist destination all year round

Mild winters and long hot summers mean a huge number of expats move there permanently. This is from countries including the UK and Germany. Lisbon, the capital, is also very popular with travellers for it’s nightlife and culture.Summer holidays are very busy. Winter invites many looking to escape the cold of northern Europe for some winter sun. Golfing holidays are very popular in Spring and Autumn, especially in the Algarve. Consequently, there are many people of all ages with disposable cash passing through. The correct timing and research can make things quite lucrative in strip clubs in Portugal. You have to head to the correct area at the right time of year.Stripper jobs in Portugal normally operate on the ‘Champagne system‘. Most clubs offer a fixed salary. They generally take around 50% on dances and offer champagne and drinks commissions. Dances tend to start at around €30 for a single dance. Dancers numbers are often kept relatively low. Clubs often provide accommodation for the girls.