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January 13, 2017

Stripping jobs from Country to Country

Stripping jobs

Stripping jobs are often very different from one country to another, you might think that its the same all over the world, but thats fare from the truth.

Stripping jobs has 2 main categories in Europe and USA, but it also varies from Country to Country. Any dancer who has been traveling working around the world can tell you all about that. In Europe except from the UK most clubs work on a commission based system from Champagne and Private shows.

Stripping jobs in the UK and USA has a more lap dancing cones where you pay a house fee, often up tu 100 punds or dollars pr night and then get to keep everything you make after paying that house fee. Unfortuantly dancers often end up having to pay tip to the; House mum, Dj and bouncers. This is so to motivate them to keep on doing a good job for you in the club and send good customers your way. Its not something thats written down, but its expected from the staff in the Lap dancing club that you do this.

Stripping jobs can also vary a lot from Country to Country and club to club, due to local laws and culture. As an example the Norwegian City Bergen changed the law so that its not allowed to serve alcohol in a strip club anymore. This means in the main club where the stage is, there is no alcoholic drinks the buy, when the customers wants to drink, you need to take him to another part section of the same building where you can sit down and have champagne, but no dances are allowed. Stripping jobs in the rest of Norway is with full alcohol licence.

Sweden has actually always had the same law as Bergen, so Stripping jobs there are a bit of the same, but still a lot is different from the model you find in Bergen. There you can only buy non alcoholic drinks in the strip clubs, but instead the private shows has a more pornographic character.

Stripping jobs in Denmark allows dancers to go out with customers

Stripping jobs in Denmark are with full alcohol serving, but there its also common that the customers pay a fee to the club so that the dancers can come out and party with them in town. Most other clubs in other European Countrys has a very strict policy about this and the girls are not allowed to meet customers outside the club.

Stripping jobs in Paris is based more on the Lap dancing system, while the rest of the Strip clubs in France base the Stripping jobs on the alcohol commission system.

Stripping jobs in the UK are based on the Lap Dancing system, but the law in the UK is also very strict when it comes to touching the dancers, there is a 3 feet rule and customers ar not allowed to get any closer to the dancers then 3 feet during a lap dance. The Lap dancing clubs in the UK has video surveillance and these thing are being closely monitored. Several clubs has been charged for letting the customer getting to close to the dancers.

Stripping jobs in Italy is often also done by porn stars, they work in the clubs as the featured dancer and it attracts more customers to the club. They often have more effects and put more effort into the stage show than what the rest of the strippers in the club would do.

Stripping jobs in Germany are both based on the lap dance system and the commission alcohol system, this varies from city to city within Germany. If its close to a military base, it will be a more American style with stage shows and funny money, or if its in a business center it will be more base on the Champagne system. Some of the Stripping jobs in Germany will also include a fixed salary and accomodation.

Stripping jobs in Spain will vary a lot in quality and seasons, a lot of the clubs are based in holiday destinations and will be good in the season, but quiet outside the season. Some clubs even close outside the tourist season. The working system is often a mix between Champagne and Lap dancing system.

Stripping jobs in Austria is very similar to Germany

Stripping jobs in Austria is very similar to Germany, with champagne commission and lap dancing with funny money. The clubs can be very nice and they often offer accommodation. Its often required that you do a good stage show when you are hired in a Austrian strip club and they are fully nude.

Stripping jobs in Luxembourg is fully based on the champagne system, the clubs are very VIP based and you work with the customers for a long time, selling champagne and private time. When you have employment in a club in Luxembourg you can also some times get a fixed salary besides the commission from what you sell.

Stripping jobs in Switzerland is very much the same as Luxembourg, the clubs have the same style and the commission structure is the same.

As you can see, there are som places a huge difference in the systems from country to country and in others just smaler differences in the work description of Stripping jobs.

When you are applying for a job, always make sure you get a detailed description of how the system is in the club and make sure you fully understand it and are comfortable working with it.

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