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  • TERRIBLE BAD!! Bubbles bar in Brussels Belgium

  • Maja123

    September 3, 2020 at 9:43 am

    My worst experence ever. The manager is kind of owner and she also working with client, I mean she has the best clients. So not possible to catch some old good customer. She always scamming girls and its very hard to prove truth. She has 0 emphathys. Girls for her just money making machines and dont be surprised if she will put veeery long songs when you go in a private with her friends. and when you think its final finish and you go back she will tell that it was just 1 song and you must to go back. 🙂 Sometimes with theese good old customers she bacome very drunk and girls are loosing clients because of her and not possible to say anything. She always working alone in this bar and also doorman who is far away from good security. When you come in a bar looks like its not stink but after one evening you come home and your clothes terrible stink cause the bar is in basement. Also there is mouses in this place! Comissions system are always chanching is not clear but what is 100% clear is scaming. They are veery small like 25-30% from privates and 15-20% from drinks and if client pay by card is even less!!! With 200e champagne you need to go to private and do private dance like for 1h! From that you get 40e or if they pay by card even less! The fix is 50e evening. Owner is old men who are adicted of cocain and they are a couple with this manager. So not much complain you can tell for him and better not do cause this shitty manager will do that its completely your fault. Mostly girls working here are very old probbably because other clubs no longer approves them thats why they working almost for free. So girls what I told to you its just a drop in ocean of everything happening there. No one deserves to be so used by people we are not working horses. All girls after this manager got completely fucked up cause she knows very well how to do it. Manipulation, humilimiatiom its her main weapons.

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