Strippers Traveler Academy for New Zealand

Exotic dancer jobs in Wellington
With Stripper jobs in Wellington you have to pay a set fee or a percentage of your earnings in exchange Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Queenstown
Stripper jobs in Queenstown do not pay the dancers for drink or dance commission. There is a good tipping culture Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Maunganui
Stripper jobs in Maunganui offer no commission on drinks, so dancers mainly earn from selling private dances. Clubs and dancers Read more
Stripper jobs in Dunedin
Stripper jobs in Dunedin run on the 'lap dance system' and do not pay the dancers a fixed salary or Read more
Exotic Dancer jobs in Christchurch’s
Stripper jobs in Christchurch does not have a fixed fixed salary or champagne commission. Instead, they pay dancers a percentage Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Auckland
Stripper jobs in Auckland run on the 'lap dance system', similar to other gentlemen clubs in New Zealand. This system Read more
New Zealand is considered one of the most desirable places in the world to live with a very high standard Read more