How To Deal With Rejection When You are an Exotic Dancer

All exotic dancers have to deal with rejection at work and unfortunately there is no way to avoid it. No matter how pretty you look, how well you dance or how good you are at selling: there are always going to be customers who reject you.

Some will go easy on you while others go all out. This can be very hard and frustrating. Many dancers take it personal and let it bring them down. Instead of moving on to another customer they go back and complain to their friends.

This is bad for business. It is NOT personal! Remember that none of these customers know anything about you, whatever they say or think about you says more about their own character than it does about yours. Always remember that. It isn’t personal. Just let it go.

To be successful we have to learn how to deal with rejection. We have to accept that we won’t always get the answer that we want. But we can’t let the fear of rejection come in the way of making money!

To not even approach a customer because he might say no makes absolutely no sense. We don’t lose a thing by asking. Think about it: if you get a no you will not be any worse off than you were before asking! You will not have made less money, everything will be exactly the same as before.

But you could also get a yes, and then you would be better off!

So by asking your situation can either remain the same or improve! And if you keep on asking, someone will eventually say yes. It’s inevitable.

Obviously there are many ways to overcome a no, but when you have tried everything, instead of getting upset just thank the customer for his time, wish him a lovely evening, smile and walk away. You did your best and that’s all you can do. Like I said, it just isn’t personal!

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