Make More Money by Mastering Conversation

Make More Money by Mastering Conversation

In our line of work being a good conversationalist is just as important as being a good strip dancer (and looking fabulous), perhaps even more important! Especially if you are working in a European Strip club (outside of the UK) where a big part of your earnings come from selling Champagne. A lot of Strip dancers struggle with rapport building and lose out on big money because of what they say (or perhaps don’t say).

The purpose of any exotic dancer/client conversation in the strip club is first to get the client spending and second to keep him spending! If you are talking about make up, hair do’s or boyfriend problems you are definitely doing it wrong. Your customer might be polite enough to listen but is he enjoying himself?

Probably not so watch your words! Unless you are telling him a funny joke or an interesting story (he can relate to) you aren’t doing yourself any favours by blabbing away. The secret is to create sense of intimacy, intrigue him and build that “connection” that makes him want to stay all night with you, this is done by boosting his ego.

Some simple guidelines to go by to do this successfully: (it goes without saying that you shouldn’t overdo any of these):

  • Don’t underestimate the power of eye contact, body language, touch and tone of voice.
  • Remember the customer’s name and use it.
  • Make him laugh. Confide in him. Ask for his advice. Give compliments. Let him know you are impressed. Make him feel important/smart/appreciated/special.
  • Show genuine interest in what he says. Ask questions. Encourage him to open up to you. Answer his questions but try to remember to direct the conversation back to him or about him.
  • Listen! Show that you are listening by nodding/making little remarks (like “wow”, “really?!”, “that’s incredible”)/laugh (when appropriate obviously…).
  • Look at him when he is talking. Don’t look around, on your phone, at your friends…and don’t look bored! (Don’t stare at him though J it helps to look at one eye and then the other and back etc.)
  • Be informed. Is there a football match on? – Know the scores (or at least who is playing). Is there a convention or special event in town? – Read up on the basics of it. You’d be surprised how easily impressed men are if you have even the smallest knowledge of something that interests them.
  • Be funny and don’t forget to have fun!

Good luck!

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