Strip Club jobs and the difference from one country to another

Strip Club jobs and the difference from one country to another

Strip Club jobs are not the same job in one country to another, there are two main different systems and ways to do this job and if you are not aware of this, you could be in for a little surprise when changing from working in one Country to another.

Most European Strip Club Jobs follow what we call the Champagne system, where you make your money by working on a commission from selling Champagne and private shows to the customer. This is a system that you will often find in smaller sized clubs where there is not necessary a high amount of customers coming through the door. You will spend a lot of time on one customer making him spend big amounts on Champagne and private shows and you will most properly be working with him in a VIP room. Here you can find available club jobs.

This type of Strip Club Job means that you will have to manage to be closer to the customer.

You need to be a good talker and give good company, a lot of customers will be looking for a “girlfriend experience” for that night. You need to be a good actor doing when you have a job like this in a Gentlemens club.

Dealing with the alcohol is also a big challenge with this system, learn the tricks straight away and dont drink more than necessary. If you are smart and get help from the bar staff you can easily manage to empty several bottles of Champagne during a nights work, without drinking hardly any of it. Another factor in this system is that you will often find that the stage shows are also an important part of this type of Strip Club Job.

Strip Club Jobs without the Champagne system.

You will find Strip Club Jobs without the Champagne system in the UK, Paris, Australia and USA. Here you will find bigger clubs with a high amount of customers and also a higher amount of Dancers. Instead of making big money from one customer, you make smaler amounts from a lot of customers, mainly by selling them lap dances. This type of Strip Club job means that you are not getting any close to the customers, you dont need to take part in talking much to him, your body and moves does the talking here. Another big difference is that you dont have to drink any alcohol when you are working with this system. The clubs are often busy and you work a lot and have to be fast, selling lap dance after lap dance.
Strip Club jobs and the difference from one country to another

The challenge comes when you have only worked one system and are comfortable with that and then change to another club. Without being prepared for the other system. If you are used to a Strip club job with the lapdance system you will often find it hard with the champagne system.

The challenges is drinking the alcohol, being closer to the customer and often also being patient enough. You have to wait for that good customer to walk in through the door and that could be late, you might be sitting by the bar for hours before the action starts. If you are used to the lap dance system, this could be very hard and boring, you might not have the patience and you are missing the rush and constant action of a club full of customers and constantly selling this dances.
This is when a lot of dancers give up, because they get the feeling that they will not make any money with this type of Strip Club Job and system, they still haven’t seen or experienced this systems advantages and also big earning potential. Some times It doesn’t matter how much the club manager ar coleages tells them to be patient and wait to see it works. Before the first week is over, they have already booked there flight back home, scared that that have been losing out on money from what they could have made working in there normal Lap dancing club.

“I am wasting my time with this Strip Club Job when I know I could have made money back home working in my regular Lapdancing club”

This is a common comment to get from dancers thats trying the Champagne system for the first time.
The other way around is often more easier, when you have learned the patience and slow approach from the champagne system, its often a fun experience to go to a lap dancing club and be bussy dancing lap dances all night long and make good money. We are all different and one Strip Club Job fits better for one than another, it often depends on what system you started up with, thats normally the type of strip Club Job that you prefer. One thing is for sure, both type of jobs deserve a good try and dont give up to easily, I have seen so many dancers wanting to go home after one week on a new system. I have managed to talk them into staying one more week and then they had a break through and ended up with a good working period and making lots of money. Then its important to learn financial planning for strippers.

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