Stripper jobs in Boksburg

Stripper jobs in Boksburg

Stripper jobs in Boksburg offer champagne commission as well as lap dance commission. Fixed salaries are rarely offered. There is a level of focus on the stage and some require to do at least one elaborate, themed, full nude show per week. Dancers do topless stage performances on rotation and tipping is welcomed.

Reasons to take exotic dancer jobs in Boksburg

Stripper jobs in Boksburg are a very popular option for many dancers wishing to work abroad. It is the perfect place to incorporate seeing something totally different and make money at the same time. Beautiful weather, beaches, safari and an abundant amount of culture in the country and surrounding areas are just some of the benefits of visiting the country. Ease of language, good travel connections and a mixed audience means that many girls find it a overall positive place to work and make a good stripper salary.

Exotic dancer jobs in Boksburg are available in both club and private settings. Lap dancing jobs in clubs work by way of paying the venues a cut of all money earned. This is in line with the ‘lap dance system‘, common in countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Strippers will make their money from private dances and in some cases, champagne sales.

Precautions to take if you consider working in Boksburg

Boksburg strip clubs can vary greatly and care should be taken if travelling to work in the country. Clients expect a certain level of contact in private shows. Strip clubs in Boksburg often accommodate this. Some clubs allow girls to be booked out, for an extremely high fee. Dancers cannot work the club for the rest of the night and it has to be worth their while. This can often lead to prostitution outside the premises but strictly none on-site. Some clubs will allow full prostitution in the venue. Therefore, dancers and clients need to be cautious about where they choose to go. Prostitution is illegal in South Africa, due to the 1957 Sexual Offences Act. The authorities amended the act in 2007 to include the purchase of sex. However, it is very common throughout the country. 

All of these factors are important to bear in mind before making the decision to work. It is a long way from the most popular countries of origin of dancers. This creates complicated problems if things go wrong.

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