Stripper jobs in Japan Guide and Advice

People all over the world are fascinated by Japan. A country of extremes with an ancient history and society and many traditions, whilst also having a reputation for being extremely technologically advanced and modern. People know Japan as the ‘Land of the rising sun’ and the capital city is Tokyo. The archipelago has 6,852 islands. 4 main islands make up 97% of the land area of the country. These are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoko. Japan has a population of 127 million people and is the 10th largest in the world. 98.5% of this population are ethnic Japanese. Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan centre in the world with 13.8 million people living there. Stripper jobs in Japan are considered high quality and well earning.

Japan has an extremely rich history and was first mentioned in Chinese texts in the first century AD. Years of relative isolation allowed the culture to develop into the fascinating experience it is today, that attracts millions of visitors each year. The country has a highly skilled workforce and education is at the heart of the country. Japan has the highest proportion of citizens educated to university level or higher. It also has the fourth largest military int he world. Japan is a highly developed country. It has an exceptionally high standard of living. Citizens enjoy the longest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rates. It has the world’s third largest economy and is the fourth largest exporter. Here you can search for available jobs in Japan

Why it’s worth looking for stripper jobs in Japan

Japan is a largely industrial nation. Very large and technologically advanced companies call this country home. Industries such as electronics, machine tools, motor vehicles, steel and metalworks, shipbuilding, food processing, textiles and chemical manufacture are some of the main branches. Some famous Japanese brands include Canon, Nissan, Sony, Toyota, Panasonic, Lexus, Subaru and Nintendo, amongst many, many others. There are 65.9 million workers in Japan and the country has a very low unemployment rate of 4%. Japan has one of the world’s largest fishing fleets and accounts for 15% of the global catch. Tokyo is famous for being one of the business centres of the work and is extremely expensive. There are a great number of wealthy inhabitants in the city.

The presence of all of these male dominated industries means there is a lot of cash in circulation. A relatively low percentage live below the poverty line, so there is a huge variety and proportion of society that can afford to enjoy strip clubs in Japan. A larger pool of potential clients means that different types of girls can work in this environment to cover different tastes. 

Types of stripper jobs in Japan

Exotic dancer jobs in Japan require ladies to have good hostessing skills, as well as dance skills. The clubs don’t pay a fixed salary and, instead, pay a commission on all sales. This is in line with the ‘lap dance system‘. However, the style of the clubs are similar to those working with the ‘champagne system‘. The clubs pay champagne commission, so the ladies working have incentive to sit with the clients and drink and entertain, not just selling dances in the private rooms.

Many businessmen take clients to gentlemen’s clubs so the most successful girls have the whole package of classy, good looks, great conversation and a high standard of dance skills. Stripper jobs in Japan are sought after, especially in Tokyo. The city is so famous, the strip clubs can afford to be more selective with the dancers they take on. Many have strict age limits and expectations on a dancer’s appearance and demeanour. 

Hostessing jobs are also extremely popular in Japan. These require no stripping or dancing at all. The expectation is for ladies to entertain the clients with conversation and hostessing, selling drinks, champagne and time. The girls that do very well at this are able to make the male guests feel important and interesting. For a country famous for the geisha, there are aspects that some girls may struggle with because of cultural differences. Hostesses do well to observe certain expectations like pouring the clients drink and keeping the client happen, even if this means acting subservient. Some girls struggle with this and, those that do, will not enjoy the environment. A high standard of living means there is more security for a better and safer experience.

Who can get exotic dancer job in Japan

Japanese strip clubs have girls from all over the world working in them. Japan is quite homogenous in culture so Europeans are considered very exotic. Dancers from the East of Europe can do very well because they are so different. Japanese society generally consider tattoo’s taboo. However, that doesn’t mean heavily inked dancers with automatically not get hired by the clubs. Provided tattoo’s are worn discretely when out during down time, there should be few issues. As well as European dancers, there are many from South East Asia, especially the Philippines. This is because weaker local economies and a high incidence of poverty means that overseas workers are very commonplace, the strip club industry included.

Japan has a working holiday visa program for certain countries. However, authorities prohibit working the nightclub industry, full stop, on this visa. Furthermore, they do not allow sex work. Therefore, working legally in Japan requires residency or citizenship. These rules do not mean there is, by any means, a lack of European and Australian dancers taking stripper jobs in Japan.

Risks of taking exotic dancer jobs in Japan

It is crucial to do the necessary research before taking stripper jobs in Japan. Because of the legalities related to clubs taking foreign workers, it is highly recommended to research venues fully before taking jobs. Some clubs have very few issues. There are a number of agencies that will help dancers find the right work. Dancers should look into agencies fully before signing up. Unfortunately, there is little consistency throughout the industry. Some are extremely conscientious and some are very unscrupulous and dangerous to work with. Here you can read more about stripper jobs.


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