Stripper jobs in New Zealand guide and advice

New Zealand is considered one of the most desirable places in the world to live with a very high standard of of quality of life. It is incredibly remote and closer to the pacific islands of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga, than it is to mainland Australia, a country it is most associated with. New Zealand has a incredibly varies terrain, with beaches, mountains and some major cities. As a result, New Zealand attracts many different types of people as it can cater for most walks of life. Skiing in New Zealand is high quality and there are many from this region of the world that head to the ski resorts in winter to experience this, encouraging stripper jobs in New Zealand.

The economy in New Zealand is considered to be high income. The country experienced financial difficulties in the 90s and this result one of the highest rates of emigration of highly skilled workers. Conversely, this has been offset in recent years, where large numbers of overseas professionals have moved to the country to work. Agriculture is the largest earner for New Zealand, closely followed by timber. Wool was previously the main product, but in recent years, this has transitioned over to wine and dairy. Renewable energy has provided the country with over 40% of its power requirements. Exotic dancers in NZ have many potential clients available, with the abundance of male dominated industries in the country.

Feature exotic dancer jobs in New Zealand

One of the types of stripper jobs in New Zealand available, is as a feature dancer. These are performers that do themed, feature shows, often of 15-20 minutes in length. The theme is reflected in the costumes, music and props and these can very very imaginative. Comic book characters and professions are just two of the huge range of possibilities a creative dancer can tackle. Many showgirls enter national and international competitions, some with large prize funds. Therefore, some of the feature performances can be very imaginative and elaborate.
The feature shows get top billing in strip clubs. Gentlemen’s clubs will schedule them at peak times, such as weekend nights, around midnight. It is not unusual for feature performers to exclusively do shows. It requires a different skill set to club work. The showgirls are paid by performance, therefore, there is not a huge amount of sell. There is no expectation to tip the feature show. In fact, it is discouraged as to not spoil the flow of the performance.
Feature dancers with high profiles can command significantly higher rates. These profiles can be built via social media, editorial work and participating in, and winning, recognised competitions. Residencies are sometimes in place and make it possible to have stripper jobs in New Zealand with a guaranteed salary. A lot of time needs to be spent rehearsing and planning shows so this branch of exotic dance jobs in New Zealand are not for every dancer.

Club stripper jobs in New Zealand

For those girls that are not suited to feature dancer work, there is the more abundant, and more anonymous option of club dancer work. These stripper jobs in New Zealand suit the kind of dancers that are more into the sell than just the performance itself. Club dancers in New Zealand work on a commission basis and there is not guarantee of earnings. This is in line with the ‘lap dance system’. House fees, or percentages from each sale, or a combination of both are paid to the club.
Tipping is fairly commonplace with exotic dancer jobs in New Zealand and the clients expect to tip. It is up to the dancers to encourage the clients to tip as much as possible. Like the USA, tipping can be a significant top up to earnings. Some club dancers build professional social media profiles in order to increase exposure and business. However, this is not a pre-requisite to become a high level of club dancer.

Private stripper jobs in Australia

There are a number of agencies that help dancers find private stripper jobs in New Zealand. Private work has slightly different requires to working in clubs. Exotic dancers can greatly supplement their income by doing this kind of work. Private work includes more traditional strip shows, but also includes topless and nude waitressing and bartending. The upside to this work is it often works on a set rate, giving the performer more security on earnings. The downside can include less privacy and often working in conditions with less security and regulation than in a gentlemen’s club type of environment. It can be hard to police camera phone use and customer behaviour. New Zealand has a relatively open minded attitude to stripping, in comparison to other countries. Therefore private exotic dancer jobs can be fun and profitable for the girls that wish to engage in this work.

Who can take exotic dancer jobs in New Zealand

Similar to it’s neighbour, New Zealand has a very popular working holiday visa program. Unfortunately, sex work is prohibited in the visa terms for this type of stay. Stripping is considered sex work in New Zealand law, therefore it is still illegal for dancers without citizenship or residency to work, including those with working holiday visas. Australians have freedom to work in New Zealand, due to a reciprocal agreement between the two countries that allows free movement and work for both sets of citizens.
It is possible for a certain quality of showgirl to obtain legal right to work in NZ. These dancers need to prove they have exceptional talent, profile or skill. This type of visa requires the holder to have abilities that wouldn’t automatically be present with locals.

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