Working contract for Strip Clubs

Working contract for Strip Clubs

Do you have all the legal stuff in order? When you operate in a business thats already looked on as “shady”. Its more important than ever to have all the paper work done correctly. The most important one is the working contracts. Here we will tell you about the importance of making a working contract with the dancers in your club. Also what agreements to have in it. Working contract for Strip Clubs doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow these simple steps.

The parts involved in a Working contract for Strip Clubs.

Always start a working contract for Strip Clubs with the names of the parts involved. Often the name of a Strip Club is different to the name of the company behind it. Make it clear in the contract that this agreement is between the “Company name” for work done in the “Strip Clubs Name” and the adress of the club.
The next line should have the dancers name, nationality and date of birth. Always take a copy of the dancers ID and attach it to the contract.

First chapter in the working contract with your dancers should have the following text.

Hereafter named as the artist, that is based on issues discussed over a period of time. This contract will be signed by the parties involved (The club and the artist). And none of the parts can be re-released from this contract unless it is agreed between the parties.
All the parties are obligated to each other to solve any disagreements or misunderstanding that could come up during the time this contract is valid.

Next chapter in the Working contract for Strip Clubs should explain what work the dancers shall do.

What kind of work is the dancers suppose to do in your club, get down in points every singel task the dancers do:
From the number and duration of the shows, what kind of music should be played.
What kind of dresses should the dancers wear.
Opening hours of the club and what times do they need to be at work.
Insurance, does the club has this or does the dancers need to arrange this herself. In general you should demand that the dancers has a travel insurance, this will cover most off the dancers expences if needed.
House rules is often also and important thing in a Working contract for Strip Clubs, but we recomend that you make a separate contract for this.

Conditions and Salary, working in your Strip Club.

What salary do you offer and how is the earning system in your club, these things has to be totally clear in the contract. Do you have a typical mainland European Strip Club concept with commission for Champagne and dances. The prosents for the different products they sell needs to be clear.
How do you pay the salary? We recommend that you pay everything through bank transfer. Today all bank transfers in Europe goes fast and easy with the coordinated IBAN band account numbers. The money is usually in the dancers bank after 1 – 2 working days.

Do you offer a minim guaranteed salary in your Working contract for Strip Clubs.

Some countries has laws and regulations about this. You as a club owner must guarantee a minimum earning for the dancers. What are the conditions for the dancers to get this. Be clear about this subject in the contract. Misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations from the dancers is often a reason for disputes.

How do you employ the dancers?

Normally the dancers has to agree to be classed as a NON residence Entertainer and be taxed after that rule. The company is responsible of paying 15% in tax of all income. If the artists stay exceeds 183 days in the course of any 12 months period. Or exceeds 270 days in the course of any 36 months period, the artist agrees to be classed as self employed and will be responsible of paying a higher tax rate. “(Check this out with local rules)”
Accommodation, is that arranged by the club or the dancers themselves?

Other Agreements in your contract.

The artist cannot arrange dates with guests. They are not allowed to leave the club with guests. The artist at all times is expected to behave in a professional manner that reflects a good name to themselves and the club.
Once this contract has been signed, both artist and management will agree to its terms and conditions. If a breach of this contract has been made against either side. There shall be an settlement in favour of the wrong party.
The artist can only miss an evening’s work due to illness or a very good reason that has been approved by the management.

Force majeure.

This is optional if you wanna use in your contract, we like to do it. Here is a typical wording of the Force majeure text.
In the event that the performance called for under this contract are rendered impossible by reasons of. Flood, earthquake, hurricane, war, civil strike, industrial dispute, epidemic, acts of God or law, order or decree. Rule or regulation of any Government Authority or for any reason of a similar nature beyond the control of the contracting parties. It is agreed that this contract shall be null and void.

We always advice that you use a local lawyer to set up a Working contract for Strip Clubs. In this article we have given you some basic tips and advices. We can not guarantee the legal hold in this for your club in your home country. But this is a standard contract thats being used by several clubs in Europe.

Download an example of a working contract for Strip Clubs here.

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