Dont Forget That Exotic Dancing is a Job

Being an exotic dancer comes with some fabulous perks such as being able to chose where to work and when, many clubs even let us chose our own hours and we can almost come and go as we please, plus we are allowed to drink and get naked at work!

Sounds like a party to most people but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take ourselves and our business serious.  Stripping might not always be considered a real job by society but it should by us if we want to be successful in it.

Are Your Relaying on Luck to make your money?

Making money as a stripper isn’t some sort of occasional or random bonus, it’s the reason we are in the club in the first place and it should therefore always be our main focus (or we might just as well get one of those “real jobs” J). Many girls seem to judge a club on whether the other dancers are nice or not when they really should be judging it by it’s earning potentials.

Having nice colleagues at work obviously isn’t a bad thing and we should always be respectful to each other, but having that said: we are not there to make friends (or to gossip, party, flirt with doormen/DJ’s/bar staff or to hang out in the dressing room…) – we are there to make €£$!

Not thinking of it as a job and failing to recognize that it requires quite a bit of effort to get most customers spending is the most common mistake dancers make.

Making serious money requires coming into work every night with a serious mindset.

It would be a lie to say that luck doesn’t play any part at all in our incomes as dancers, we have all had nights when we just happened to be in the right place at the right time and really didn’t have to work for it, but unfortunately those nights are rare. Making serious money requires coming into work every night with a serious mindset.  That mindset being eyes on the price, eyes on the price

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