How To Become a Stripper

There is a movie about strippers called ‘Hustlers’. With superstars such as Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B in the cast, it is making waves. Nowhere more so than within the stripper community. It has sparked a large number of discussions about how relatable it is and some of the consequences that have, and could, come from the film’s release, both good and bad.

One impact that is very widely being discussed is the concept of it glamourising the industry and encouraging a new wave of dancers. If lapdancing is something you are considering, whether as a result of the film or for another reason, then this article is for you. There are many things to consider and this is to educate you on how to become a stripper.

Why do you want to be a stripper?

This is a question that you should ask yourself as a starting point in the process. Some very common reasons include bills to pay, children to feed, school fees to cover, finding start up costs for a business venture and just simply liking the more luxurious things in life. Reasons that should absolutely never factor in the decision making process include, pressure from family or a partner or dancing to feed a drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, it is easy to say that a woman should not use these as reasons to dance, but they do indicate a potentially vulnerable individual and if you are aware that these reasons are a reality then take a look at our article about protecting those dancers at risk.

Research the industry and see the reality

It is also very important to be aware that there is much in the media that both glamourises and degrades the industry and those in it. The reality is that both can be a scenario in a very complex lifestyle choice. There are an array of characters, personalities, situations and reasons for those in the industry. Research, but pick your sources carefully. Take a look at a huge variety of perspectives. Preferably from those that are, or have been, in the industry. Those are the voices that matter and can give the most direct feedback. Not assumptions and opinions from outsiders.

There is a section on this site called ‘Dance college’ that has articles about aspects of the job. Instagram also has many dancer specific pages. #yesastripper, #stripperproblems and #teamclearheels are just a few relevant search terms to use. There are also a large number of stripper blogs available that are easily searchable.

Most importantly, visit a strip club yourself. Talk to the dancers, watch the shows, observe the customers and get a real feel of the environment that you are exploring and researching. Reality is often very different to the picture painted. Only you know if it is an environment you can feel comfortable in.

Where can I apply for strip club jobs?

There are a number of ways to apply to strip club jobs. Some dancers are ok with working in their home town and have no privacy concerns. Other dancers like to create some separation from personal and professional lives by working slightly further afield. It is recommended to work as close to home as reasonably possible initially. This is because there is an easy escape route should the reality be different to the expectation.

If you can’t work closer to home or if your home country has a legal standpoint on the industry that doesn’t work within your boundaries, then it recommended to travel with a reputable strip agency as a safety measure.

Going into a club and speaking to a manager face to face is always the best way to apply for a strip club job if it is a possibility. Alternatively, phone, email or message social media ahead of time to check if there are certain times for open auditions. This information can be found on sites such as,, searching google for the club website and contact information or searching for social media pages. Ensure you go well presented and with a professional attitude. This approach also provides the opportunity to check out the venue in person and get an idea of management.

What to bring when auditioning at a strip club.

When auditioning at a strip club for the first time, it isn’t expected that you to possess a full wardrobe of outfits. To avoid the immediate giveaways that you are a total newbie to the job, follow this checklist of supplies.

  • When purchasing or choosing lingerie, make sure it is a matching set, it is clean, free of loose threads, rips, and with no discolouration. Ideally, finish the outfit properly with appropriate jewellery. Stockings, either with or without a suspender belt make a lingerie set look polished. Do not wear a panties and a bra that aren’t matching under any circumstances.
  • If a club requires a dress, pick a dress that is easy to remove. There is no point wearing your most embellished and showy outfit if you have to wrestle yourself out of it come lapdance or stage show time. Practise removing gracefully. Pick a dress that is reasonably easy to put back on as to not waste time between dances.
  • Stripper shoes can be very expensive. You can find cheaper versions on selling sites such as eBay to start you off. Make sure you practise walking in them first! Sometimes learning to dance and learning to walk in stripper shoes at the same time can be hazardous. Take it steady. If you are already in possession of reasonably comfortable high heels that are clean and tidy, there is no shame in wearing them. Kitten heels are strongly unrecommended as they can be a very unflattering heel height. Don’t force yourself to run before you can walk. However:-
  • It is recommended to purchase and wear stripper shoes if possible. They are designed for the job and make things significantly easier on your back and feet during a long shift. Learning to dance in stripper heels mean you don’t have to relearn the techniques in the future.

Embarking on your new career

Stripping is definitely not for everyone. However, it can be a hugely lucrative and rewarding career path for a certain group of people. Those that carefully consider the situation and embark on the path with open eyes are those that benefit the most from the industry. If this if you, good luck and may the stripper god’s bless you with financially rewarding future!

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