How To Become a Top Earning Stripper

Be A Better Stripper; Like Leonardo daVinci, use your journal to capture your thoughts, ideas, observations, emotions, questions, jokes, and insights, stories told by your customers, dreams and most importantly personal financial records. I can´t stress this enough, get a Journal. It´s a simple item but its going to make all difference in your world.

I would like to share with you one ultimate success formula. Most strippers never decide in advance the precise amount of money they are committed to earn in each night, week, month etc (I strongly recommend to record each night). Instead, they settle for whatever “shows up.” Leaving it to chance is a recipe for disappointment, frustration, boredom, unhappiness, and behaviours that do not support you. I have seen this so many times some dancers end up leaving with no money or worse owing the club money after 6 hours shift!

I would like you decide in advance the precise amount of money you are committed to earn each night and write it down in large numbers in your Journal – is it £1000, £3000 or £5000?

Be unreasonable. The more unreasonable you are the more motivated you become to reach or exceed your target. Once you know the precise amount of money you are committed to, then knowing precisely what your goal is, you must develop a Marketing Plan.

I would like you to design your own questions each night to ask yourself how you can become the Top Earner; For example, you can ask yourself – what conditions must I create within myself and/or the environment to achieve my desired outcome? What could I focus on? What can I do in order my name will become notorious throughout the dancing community? How many lap dances do I have to perform in a night to achieve the precise amount of money I wrote down in my journal.

Exotic dancing is an art, the quality of your art is the quality of your questions. This means the way you communicate with yourself.

What you focus on is what you get. If you ask yourself questions how you can increase your income then if you are committed you will find a way. As part of my programme, I have trained over 200 table dancers and developed plans, based upon the proven system of outstanding dancers that I have worked worldwide. I teach my clients to create a plan, not plan of hope. This is a plan of actions and results, modelled on the best of the best.

If you are deciding right now that you are committed to increase your income by 20 percent, 40 percent or in some cases, even 60 percent, you need a marketing plan. I don´t care how successful you think you are there is always another level; there is always another level that you can step up to. I would be happy to share with you how to model proven strategies of those who have already achieved what you desire, saving you months and even years of needless frustration and financial struggle.

You are going to create an action plan for how to Be A Better Stripper, you´re going to say, “How am I going to attract customers to my web?”

Well, and you need a marketing plan, that´s what you need. Right? You can´t just turn up at the club and hope they´re going to show up and hope they´re going to spend money on you. You need effective strategies to attract customers. There are many ways to create the lasting impression that makes them to go back for more, more, more and more. One of my clients has mastered the art of seduction to the point where she managed to get a customer to sell his brand new car to get dances! Here is how: Ask for the moon and settle for the stars.

The first rule she learned was that when she walked up to a group of people who are sitting down, she‘d target the person who was most likely to be paying for at least 10 dances.

She devised a strategy. It wasn´t a question of if she could win them over, she perfected the strategy to a point she never gave them a choice. After a few sessions of coaching, she fine-tuned her approach so that she walked up to any group, within seconds they´d be won over and receptive to the seductive dancing.
I don´t care how good you are, I don´t care how committed you are, I don´t care how experienced you are, if you have a strategy that doesn´t work, you have a problem. You check your strategy to make sure its working, then if is not where most dancers fail is you change it , not using the same strategy don´t get you the result you looking for . Then you reinforce it and finally you strengthen it every single night.

Sometimes all a customer needs is a little time to get himself comfortable, hasn´t even had his first drink and he may not be ready for a lap dance just yet.

Please don´t approach him with the famous annoying phrase – have you guessed it yet? Drum roll………. “Wanna dance”. Every guy in that room has enough money for at least 3 dances – you just have to find the right words to get them to buy some dances. I´m not sure who came up with that phrase, it drives me crazzzzzzzzzzzy. Do you know anyone uses that? I will sue anyone that uses that phrase again. This is the wrong approach; it will do nothing to convince a customer who was uninterested to change his mind. It´s an invitation to say no to. “Wanna Dance” is the bastard child of predictable.

As soon as you approach a customer starts with something memorable or unexpected to fix and hold the customer´s attention.

Then you can use a powerful hypnotic technique which the more people agree, the more likely to continue agreeing. Ask questions where the customer can only say “yes ” . An experienced dancer will have the customer say the word ” yes ” several times during the conversation to build a momentum towards agreement of getting at least 10 dances!. i.e.

I haven´t seen you before, is it your first time here? Yes, 2nd question, Are you having fun? Yes and so on – you get the idea. This is a very powerful hypnotic power which has been used for over 1000 years. Career girl by day, stripper by night!

We all know when we are being manipulated. If it´s a five year old kid who´s doing it it can be charming. If you make the customer feel that you are manipulating them, that´s end of it, you´ll not see them again.

Take care, not to come across as a manipulator – always mask your intentions. Keep your customers and the other dancers in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what are you up to, they can´t prepare a defence.

It´s my privilege to be your coach. I thank you for taking this journey with me, and I look forward to being with you next month with part 2 of “how to own your customer”. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Warm regards and … make your life a masterpiece.

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