Stripper jobs in Switzerland and Geneva

Stripper jobs in Switzerland

Stripper jobs in Switzerland vary in style greatly. Some are very much party venues with a lot of stage action with tipping dollars. Smaller clubs are more focused on Champagne sales and hostessing as a general rule. All offer private shows.

Some strip clubs in Switzerland are unusual in the fact they do not allow customers. To purchase a private dance without a minimum spend on Champagne. The main business cities of Zurich and Geneva have the largest concentration of clubs. Venues are littered throughout the country in many cities and towards the high tourist area of the Alps. Stripper jobs in Switzerland means the dancers go fully nude on stage. And sometimes table dances are offered on the main floor as well as the private shows. Here you can find available  jobs in Switzerland

Exotic dancer jobs in Switzerland, very often offer fixed salary.

Dances start at around 40CHF. Strip clubs in Switzerland give a fixed salary to dancers. And this means numbers within a club are limited as a standard. There are many high net worth clients available in Switzerland. It is a renowned as a commercial and financial centre within Europe. The Swiss Franc is an extremely stable currency so can be beneficial for overseas dancers to accrue.

Dancers from outside of the EU can no longer get Stripper jobs in Switzerland.

Dancers from outside of the EU can no longer get Stripper jobs in Switzerland. From 1995, cabaret and exotic dancers. Were able to obtain a special license to work within the clubs from anywhere in the world. The immigration department revoked this license in August 2015 in a bid to prevent human trafficking. Accommodation is usually provided for dancers. As many of the girls still come to work from outside of the country. The central location makes it especially easy to travel overland from Eastern European countries. The dancer demographic reflects this. Here you can read about stripper jobs.

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