Find the Best Lap dancer Jobs has for more than 10 years been offering some of the best Lap dancer Jobs in Strip Clubs around Europe. We do also have regualary Lap dancer Jobs offers from other parts of the world.

Finding the best Lap dancer Jobs and Working as a Stripper is a very lucrative job to have and some Dancers can make up to 5000,- euro a week, it takes time to build up the experience and know how of getting to this level. Here you will find all available dancer jobs world wide.
The way you make your money as a Stripper or Exotic Dancer as they very often call it in th USA is by selling Lap Dances and Champagne, most Strip Clubs in Europe offers both exept from the UK.

The Strip clubs in the UK has a similar system to the US, where the Strippers gets paid directly from the customer for a Lap Dance and then keeps all of it, for this they pay a set Hous Fee pr night, this can be up to a 100,- pounds in Some Strip Clubs or Lap Dancing bars.

The rest of Europe has more Champagne type of Strip Clubs, working with Lap dancer Jobs here is different, you can spend alot of time with one customer.
Selling Champagne bottle after Champagne bottle and do Hours of private Striptease dancing for him.
For all this you get a % from the total selling price and the .
Its all about finding the right selling technique and it is with this as with all types of sale, the same basic principles. Go to our front page and read more tips o Lap dancer Jobs:
If you are considering to get a job as a stripper we recommend you to do some research first so that you understand what it meens to work a a stripper, in our you can read many useful and informative articles on the subject of working as a stripper.
Here we have News from the industry, Strip Club reviews, informative articles and also the “Dance College” where you can read educational articles on how to be a better seller in the club
You can also go to our forum and post questions to more experienced Strippers about the job and industry.
Strip offers you a great service where you can sign up as a candidate and start to apply for jobs and get job offers. Here you can read about stripper jobs and the advantage of working as a stripper.

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