Stage Strip Show and Performance Tips

Depending on where you work, the majority of gentlemen’s clubs require dancers to perform stage strip shows. This can be a valuable promotion for the dancer and gives a good platform. Not only for the club to see you, but also for you to see whats going on in the club from a good vantage point. Some clubs require any level from fully clothed to full nude. You should work with what level you feel most comfortable with.

Stage tips and where you can get them

Strip clubs in the UK and Europe don’t really work with a stage tip system apart from Germany. The USA, Australia and New Zealandall work on the tipping system. This can be a valuable revenue stream. Especially, on nights where the club is busy with stag/bucks parties and big groups. A busy club does not always equate to many dances. Sometimes, if a group is coming in for an individual’s celebration, then only a small proportion of the group will be willing to go for private shows, no matter how hard you try. Stage tips allow dancers to make money from those guys that will be in the club but won’t go for lap dances for whatever reason, be it their relationships, ethics or finances.

How to stand out in your stage shows

The single most important aspect of stage strip shows is to look like you are enjoying it and eye contact with the crowd. You can work a guy from the stage by making sure that you give them attention. Even if you have been called away mid-conversation. Sometimes, this can be even more effective than words. It gives them a great ego boost to feel they are being singled out in a room full of people, for everyone to see.

Smile, be confident and own what you are doing and you can get away with a lot of things with clients.

Furthermore, a girl doing the most amazing pole tricks will still pale in comparison to a girl that kills the sex appeal. The strip club isn’t a circus. Don’t feel pressurised to learn spectacular moves. These can help and make a mark, however, anything executed without conviction will always look unenthusiastic and unattractive. Simple but effective is always a safer bet. The more experienced and confident you become, the easier it gets to pull off more advanced moves.

Best outfits for stage shows

With stage strip shows, more is more. Majority of stage sets are 2 songs, plus. First song clothed, consecutive songs is where the stripping happens. Layers can add to the anticipation from the crowd and also helps kill more time through the set so it doesn’t become repetitive. Don’t get naked too fast. The tease is where the excitement is and creates more drama.

Having clients enthralled on where you are going to take the performance next keeps all eyes on you. If all eyes are on you, then you can really sell what you can do instead of becoming background noise.

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