The Best Way To Do Your Stripper Job Application

As a strip club agent, I have received my fair share of stripper job applications. It can be surprising what vital information can get left out. If applying to clubs in writing make sure you include:-

  • Name
  • Stage Name
  • Age
  • Nationality-this means which country you are a citizen of, not race. It is citizenship that decides if you have the right to work.
  • Previous clubs
  • Specialities-this could include pole dancing, feature dancing, strong sales abilities
  • Any titles or competitions won
  • Pictures or video

How to create the most appealing pictures

There are a few important do’s and don’t’s when creating your stripper job application media.


  • Take photos of yourself looking your best. This includes with tidy hair and make-up and wearing a good standard of outfit. Ideally, a club changing room photo would be perfect as this is how people would see you at work. Make sure there are no other dancers in the background or reflected in mirrors as this is a breach of privacy. You are advertising yourself, not outing other performers.
  • Pay attention to lighting and try and make sure the pictures are bright and clear. This is so clubs can get a good idea of how you present yourself. Lighting can totally change your appearance for the better, or worse.
  • Think about your photo background. We all know strip club changing rooms are chaotic places. However, try and find the least cluttered spot possible so you are the focus of the picture. If you are taking pictures in your bedroom, maybe tidy up a little first, even if it’s just for the shot! It all helps to convey professionalism and taking the stripper job application seriously.
  • Practise your posing. The right camera angle can really take your images to the next level, whilst still staying true to the real deal. There are some great tips and tricks here.
  • Make use of video! The single best way to apply for any strip club job is by making a short introduction video. It helps recruiters see a real version of you physically, get an idea of charisma and personality and, finally, skill set. If you are a great pole dancer, put together a short showreel. Your stripper job application can tip the balance in your favour if competition is high for limited slots.
  • If you have a strong social media presence on sites such as Instagram and Facebook, show it off. It shows you can pull clients into the club and provide invaluable promotion for a venue.


  • No group shots. You need to be the star of the show! If there is a super flattering picture of you and your bestie on holiday, make use of the crop tool. It’s nothing personal but it makes things a lot clearer for the person analysing the picture.
  • Do not over edit your pictures. Clubs will eventually see the true you anyway. There is no point creating an unrealistic image in your lapdancer job application. Some venues will send you home if you apply under false pretences. Save yourself the risk of losing the time, effort and money. A good quality selfie is sufficient.
  • NO FILTERS! In extension to the previous point, filters are a huge no-no.
  • Don’t expect a club action shot to show you off. Whilst we recommend club video and pictures as great mediums, a dark, grainy film with bursts of coloured lights is not communicating anything. Use common sense.

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