Strip club jobs in Canada

Stripper jobs in Canada and where to find them

Canada is a country with many gentlemen’s clubs and an open minded attitude to the industry. A vast country, with all types of cities and towns, strip club jobs in Canada are in all kinds of locations, from major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, to smaller mining areas such as Yellowknife. Canada is the tenth largest economy and one of the world’s top ten trading nations. The Toronto stock exchange is the seventh largest in the world, listing over 1500 companies with over 2 trillion USD in combined market capitalisation.

The strip club jobs in Canada can be very lucrative for the right dancers.

Canada’s main industries are mining, forestry, manufacturing and the service sector. It is one of the few developed nations that are net exporters of energy. Canada has vast deposits of natural gas, offshore and there as also onshore gas and oil reserves. The country is also one of the biggest suppliers of agricultural products in the world and one of the most important producers of wheat, canola and other grains is the Canadian prairies. Canada exports significant amounts of zinc, uranium, gold, aluminium, steel, nickel lead, coking coal and iron ore. Consequently, these thriving industries means a thriving jobs market. With the major industries being very male dominated and requiring workers to do long shift patterns away, the strip club jobs in Canada can be very lucrative for the right dancers. Here you can find available  jobs in Canada

Club jobs in Canada

Canada runs on the ‘lap dance system‘. There are a number of opportunities for dancers to work in the typical sense of paying house fees or a percentage for the club. Lap dancers can then make their money by selling private shows and VIP dances for the patrons of the venue. Some girls work regularly in local clubs or  do set contracts in the more rural locations and interstate.

The remote clubs tend to be very lucrative due to the large proportions of itinerant workers in the areas and a lack of competition. However, these contract are not appealing to all girls. This is due to working in small towns where anonymity is harder to maintain. Some dancers are also unable to work these contracts due to time constraints on being away for longer periods. These can include family, study or work commitments. Therefore, the remote clubs are more open minded to the specifications of the dancers they will take. These clubs tend to work through agencies to recruit for the stripper jobs available.

All club dancers will do turns on stage, regardless of location. In addition to their dance commissions, stripper jobs in Canada allow the girls to command tips for their stage performances.

The venues in the major cities are of varying standards and quality. They have no shortage of dancers to work as it is very difficult for dancers without Canadian citizenship or permanent residency to work in the country.

Feature exotic dancer jobs in Canada

Canadian strip clubs have a busy feature dancer circuit, similar to Australia, the USA and New Zealand. Feature dancers differ from club dancers whereby, they don’t work for commission and, instead, are paid set fees for choreographed shows that are 15-20 minutes in length. These are very elaborate shows with costumes, props and edited music following a theme. Dancers do not expect patrons to tip shows as this would affect the flow of the performance. Some feature performers, do not work the crowd for private dances at all. Some agencies, especially those in more rural locations, will create a tour schedule in the local vicinity . Therefore, some tours will not allow time to work private dances at all.

Many feature dancers will capitalise on social media to promote their schedules. This builds a fan base and increases the pulling power of the performer. Those with high profiles can command higher rates. It is worth noting for girls looking for feature stripper jobs in Canada, that there are limitations if they do not wish to publicise their work. If discretion and anonymity is important to a dancer, then club work, as opposed to feature work, is probably the best option.

Dancers who can look for dancer jobs in Canada

Canada has very strict laws on illegal workers. The government class stripping as sex work so there are further restrictions. This is due to an emphasis on curbing sex trafficking. Clubs and agencies are very stringent in their requirements for their employees. The Canadian government do not allow sex work of any type on the working holiday visa. Therefore, unlike Australia that does allow dancers, you will not find backpackers, students and travellers funding their trips in the strip clubs in Canada. Instead, you will find those born or naturalised to the country and those who have secured permanent residency via means such as other jobs or relationships.

Applying for jobs in Canada

The huge variety of venue types in Canada means that girls of all shapes, sizes and styles can find a venue to suit them. Canadian strip clubs are a lot more open minded in the dancers they recruit in comparison to other countries. The culture is very accepting of things such as tattoos and piercings. Therefore, these would not discount girls from working, even in the high end clubs. Dancers should not be put off from applying to work in strip clubs in Canada for this reason if their appearance is more unique. Most of the clubs in major cities will allow walk-ins or direct enquiries. For those dancers wishing to try the remote mining locations, then going through an agency is required.

All agencies and clubs will need the correct papers in order to provide the contact and job offers. The level of legislation involved means that clubs that offer work to illegal dancers are often not just strip clubs. Caution should be taken with agencies that offer this work to international dancers. It can be a dangerous and costly enterprise.

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