4 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Sales in The Club

Learn and practice these 4 Powerful and effective Ways To Improve Your Sales in The Club. Always strive to raise your standards and gain more knowledge on your journey to success as an Exotic Dancer.


Become the best performer by pairing yourself with pleasurable stimuli another person will begin to associate with the feeling you desire. Research have shown that if for instance, you were planning your vacation you would associate those favourable feeling with whoever was around you at the time. And they would subsequently get strongly attracted to you, or let´s say you’re watching TV. You see an advert for a snack and you head for the fridge! That’s an example of anchoring.

The advert (stimulus) triggered a desire for food (response). This did not happen by accident. You have been trained unconsciously by the food industry to respond in this way.

They spend lots of money making those adverts. On the other hand, research in this area shows that if you give headache to someone, for instance, those around them become unconscious victims of circumstance. So if you want to be remembered by a customer, try to associate pleasurable stimuli. That´s why you should never talk about your personal life problems.

Learn to become a great story teller – it´s the ultimate seduction weapon. Story telling is in the genes. Listening to stories is also in genes, take them on a journey.

A client of mine that I adore, she has danced all over the world and very experienced. She has a unique pair of nipples, she has mastered the power of anchoring when it comes to dancing, directing her customers´ attention to her nipples and anchor it in their mind. For a very long time every pair of nipples I saw it reminded me of hers!


Mirror your customer’s way of talking, his tone, his posture, his gestures; breathe at the same rate that he breathes; use the same degree of eye contact that he uses. People trust you instinctively if you’re just like them. Mirroring is a technique which you can use to build instant rapport with your customer. Being similar creates a feeling of ease, comfort, being understood, feeling safe, etc.

Mirroring allows you to synchronise your energy field with the energy field of your customer, whether that person is communicating with you or seating near you, or even if the person is sitting or standing on the opposite side of the room.

All of us have been doing this unconsciously – now you can learn to harness the power of mirroring consciously. Perhaps you’ve noticed how people who are engaged in an interesting conversation seem to assume the same postures, whether sitting or standing up.

To mirror someone is to do exactly as they do – 100%. This means that you mirror their posture, their gestures, their body language, their tone of voice, inflection and speaking rate, their disposition and even the way they breathe.

Mirroring is simple. When he leans forward, you lean forward. When he gazes into your eyes, return with like intensity. When he crosses his arms, you fold yours. When he smiles, you smile. Match the speed of his voice. Speak as fast or as slowly as he does; incorporate his words and phrases.

I wont go through the advanced mirroring technique this month. However, I will add a few comments. Learn to listen actively and absorb what information they giving you that you can use to your advantage, what you are really aiming for in mirroring is to create moments of sudden bonding to lower their defences.

You say things that seem to exactly mirror what they think and feel, at the same time, you try to think a few steps ahead, you try to analyse what they are saying, and you actively engage them, while at the same time think and process what they are giving you, and strategise – like a chess game think four or five moves ahead at all times.


If a customer is resisting buying some dances from you, rather breaking through that resistance like driving with handbrake on, the better strategy is to bypass it in a time in the future. This strategy is very powerful and its one of my favourite techniques which has been used for many years.

An example to elaborate this technique. Assume that you want to ask someone to buy some dances and you are confronted with some resistance in the beginning. The usual nonsense from your customers – (i) Well… I would like a dance, but spent all my money already, (ii) I´m saving money for the next time etc.

The truth is he loves to spend all his money; however, there is a screening process to filter out all wanna dance type and whinny and pushy dancers who are very very very irritating (money, money, bills to pay).

The aim of time distortion is to have the customer imagine you dancing seductively for him 5 mins from now, just let him experience the thought of having danced for him already. Putting it in the future tense in such a colourful pleasurable images make it hard to resist. This method paint a powerful picture in your customer’s mind and the idea makes the persuasive technique unbeatable.

If you were to suddenly do this with one of regular customers you have failed with in the past, I guarantee instant success. It cannot fail to work. If necessary please re-read the other articles I have written on the website.


You heard me! Break your routine. Take a different route to work, walk to the corner store instead of drive, have coffee at a newcoffee shop. Changing your routine will expose you to new people and new places and will increase your chances to meet and master different type of people.

A great way to expose your self to new people is to try new things, or go to new places. Create an adventure for your self, and get involved in something you haven´t tried, or haven´t done in years. Take at least one day this week and try something new!

Brainstorm a list in your journal of places to go and activities you could try. It doesn´t matter where you are, or what you are doing, you should always be ready to go into action. The more practiced you are at approaching and meeting different type of people, the more confident you become with your techniques.

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