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Finding Strippers and staff is always a challenge for a Strip Club owner, finding “Good” Strippers and Staff is even more difficult and it takes time to build up a good team of employees and Dancers.
One of the big problems in our industry is that so many are just gonna do this job for a short while, this makes it hard to find staff that takes this job serious and puts the effort into it that you expects.
The first rule is of course that you need to be serious about this business yourself, dont give the impression that you to are in it for a short period, but instead shows a long term interest of it as a good way of making a living in life.
Be correct and fair with the people that works for you, offer them professional contracts and working environments, follow them up and give feedback to your staff and Strippers. Read about what money dancers can expect to earn.

Getting good staff is like getting good customers, its a lot more expensive and harder to find new ones, then to keep hold on those you have.

So take good care of Good staff and Dancers, when a good dancers is in your Club On a first time Strip Club Job, its nothing better than being able to rebook here then having to go out and find a new one.
Be correct with your advertisement and expectations when you make your advert, its nothing worst than promising something you can’t keep or giving a better impression than whats the reality.
This only leeds to disappointments and thats the best way to make sure dancers won’t come back again. Its better to have some positive suprises for them when they work for you, this way they wanna come back.
You can also read this article on the difference between the strip club jobs from one country to another.
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