Strip club jobs in Florida

Stripper jobs in Florida

When you are searching for stripper jobs in Florida, you have many options. Since there are nearly two hundred Strip Clubs in Florida located throughout the state. Florida ranks with the top states in the country for exotic dancing and adult entertainment. Most of the Strip Club jobs in Florida you will find in the major cities of Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Key West, Orlando and Pompano Beach.

Strip club jobs in Florida are popular since its one of the top travel destinations in the US.

Florida is one of the top travel destination in the United States. And therefore Strip club jobs in Florida are popular. The state has hundreds of miles of beaches lining the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Atlantic Ocean to the east. It features major attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, the Florida Keys and the party scene of South Beach in Miami. The third most populous state with around 21 million inhabitants. There are numerous strip clubs throughout the state thats looking for dancers. Here you can search for available jobs in Florida

Where to look for stripper jobs in Florida.

Exotic dancer jobs in the Florida are available for all kinds of girls. It isn’t necessary to look like a supermodel of straight from the pages of a men’s magazine. Some strip clubs in Florida will have extremely high standards in the recruitment process for the exotic dancer jobs they will have to fill.

Clubs in Florida often require auditions, a probationary period and will have very structured rules that are enforced.

It is common for this type of venue to be located in major cities such as Miami and Tampa. With this, there are a higher proportion of high net worth residents, so they can provide girls with plenty of options. However, that is not to discount clubs that may be located in smaller towns. There is still plenty of money to be made. Read about strip club jobs and the difference from one country to another.

How exotic dancer jobs in Florida pay.

Most clubs in the Florida work on the ‘lap dance system’. The club charges a house fee or expect the dancers to ‘tip out’. The idea of the tip out is that the stripper is obliged to pay various staff members a set fee, including, the DJ, security and sometimes bar tenders and certain management. The exotic dancer then keeps the rest of the money she earns. Some venues charge a percentage or ‘room fee’ on VIP bookings as a commission for the room use. Tipping on stage is one of the focal points of the club.

Stripper jobs in Florida can provide great income from stage performances.

There is expectation for girls to be stronger on stage than other countries. However,  the style they choose to dance can vary. Pole tricks are not obligatory if the striptease dancer has good stage presence. Read about exotic dancer jobs in international clubs.

Working in strip clubs in Florida.

Florida extremely strict immigration laws and penalties. Most clubs require paperwork in the form of citizenship and residency. This is proven by having a social security number. The diverse culture in Florida means that you will find girls of every size, shape and colour in the clubs. The mix can be dependent on localities. Latinas, African-American girls, Caucasian, and European immigrants can all be found working. Clients can find an dancer of any background to entertain them, though some clubs can be more segregated in some areas and cater to specific cultures. The abundance of lap dancing clubs in the Florida means there is something for everyone. It is easy for all kinds of girls to find work and make money. Here you can read about stripper jobs.

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