Stripper jobs in South Africa Guide and advice

South Africa is the southernmost country on the continent of Africa. Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are neighbouring countries. South Africa is fairly unique in having 3 capital cities for separate branches of government. Cape Town is the legislative capital, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital and Pretoria is the executive capital. South Africa has many different ethnic groups residing in the country and this is reflected by having nine official languages. Sub-Saharan African is the largest ethnicity with European (White), Asian and multiracial making up the majority of other inhabitants. South Africa is identified as a middle power in international affairs and stripper jobs in South Africa are very popular over the continent.

South Africa has an extremely mixed economy. There is wealth amongst great poverty. It has the second largest economy in Africa, after Nigeria. However, South Africa also has a relatively high rate of unemployment and, consequently, poverty. One of the major industries in South Africa is tourism. There are a huge number of visitors arriving each year and these bring a significant amount of money into the gentlemen’s clubs in South Africa. South Africa is a country rich in resources and commodities. Mining and agriculture create many jobs in the country. As these are very male domianted industries, there are many visitors and potential clients that are on work and business trips away, wanting to let off some steam in the strip clubs.

Types of stripper jobs in South Africa

Exotic dancer jobs in South Africa are available in both club and private settings. Lap dancing jobs in clubs work by way of paying the venues a cut of all money earned. This is in line with the ‘lap dance system‘, common in countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Strippers will make their money from private dances and in some cases, champagne sales. Fixed salaries are not paid by clubs. Some of the larger gentlemen’s clubs in South Africa will expect dancers to do feature style performances. They will rarely fly in specific feature dancers for this role as they do not pay the extra fee. These performances will be incorporated into the contracts offered by the clubs for all dancers. 

There is also the option of private work and strippergrams for exotic dancers in South Africa. There are agencies that provide work for dancers that wish to engage in these contracts. The benefit of private work is that it means that dancers are paid for their time and don’t have to take the risk of selling in a club, with no guarantees of visitors and profit. The negatives are less security and choice in client. It is important to get private stripper jobs in South Africa through reputable agencies that vet their clients fully. The crime rate in South Africa is higher than other countries so there are more possible dangers.

Who takes exotic dancer jobs in South Africa

South Africa has a weaker economy than other, more developed, countries and the poverty rate is very high. As a result, there are many women that work in the sex industry as a way to support their families. Clubs have varying standards and regulations. Those with extremely high standards can afford to be very selective about those they employ. Cities such as Cape Town are quite wealthy and there is a leaning to recruitment of European and Western girls. The dancers can enjoy travel and, with summer and the high season being the European winter, escape the colder months at home. Cape Town is, therefore, a very attractive prospect. The crime rate is significantly lower than other cities in the country and considered reasonably safe. There are a number of international dancer recruitment agencies that offer work in the country so it is simple to apply and enquire.

English is one of the major languages spoken in South Africa so it is fairly straightforward country for a lot of dancers to travel to. As most countries require English for international dancers, strip clubs in South Africa line up with these expectations.

Precautions when taking stripper jobs in South Africa

South African strip clubs can vary greatly and care should be taken if travelling to work in the country. There is a lot of corruption and a blind eye can be taken by the authorities in certain situations. Some clubs will allow dancers to engage in prostitution on the premises and those that don’t will allow dancers to do ‘book-outs’. Whilst this means there is no prostitution on premises, it is very hard to police what performers engage in off-premises. For many girls, this isn’t a problem as it has little impact on their in-club bookings and book-outs are not compulsory. However, it should be considered for those that are not comfortable with working in this situation. It can be problematic for earnings if not managed correctly. This situation can also put pressures on dancers that are less experienced or are a little more unsure of what their boundaries are.

All of these factors are important to bear in mind before making the decision to work. It is a long way from the most popular countries of origin of dancers. This creates complicated problems if things go wrong.

Reasons to take exotic dancer jobs in South Africa

Stripper jobs in South Africa are a very popular option for many dancers wishing to work abroad. It is the perfect place to incorporate seeing something totally different and make money at the same time. Beautiful weather, beaches, safari and an abundant amount of culture in the country and surrounding areas are just some of the benefits of visiting the country. Ease of language, good travel connections and a mixed audience means that many girls find it a overall positive place to work.

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