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Getting a ‘work visa’ essentially requires that you advance book a ‘tour’ through a US agency to get strippers work Read more
South Africa is the southernmost country on the continent of Africa. Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are neighbouring countries. South Africa Read more
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Strip club jobs in Australia
Australia is a wealthy country with a market economy. It is ranked as the world's twelfth largest economy. The major Read more
Exotic Dancer jobs in USA
The USA is the home of strip clubs and an appealing place to search for exotic dance jobs. A leading Read more
Strip club jobs in Canada
Canada is a country with many gentlemen's clubs and an open minded attitude to the industry. A vast country, with Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Pretoria
Stripper jobs in Pretoria offer commission for both dance and champagne sales. Due to a lack of guaranteed pay, there is Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Port Elizabeth
Stripper jobs in Port Elizabeth pay commission only on drinks and dances sold. Dancers make nothing unless they have sales Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Johannesburg
Lap dances are the main earner with Stripper jobs in Johannesburg. The job also offer champagne commission and tips. The Read more
Exotic dancer jobs in Durban
Stripper jobs in Durban includes doing topless stage performances on rotation. There is Champagne commission and income from selling the Read more
Stripper jobs in Boksburg
Stripper jobs in Boksburg offer champagne commission as well as lap dance commission. Fixed salaries are rarely offered. There is Read more
Stripper jobs in Cape Town
Stripper jobs in Cape Town are a combination of the 'champagne' and 'lap dance' systems. The clubs do not offer Read more